Saturday, June 25, 2011


Hello peeps,
I have now been in Kenya for about 3 weeks. We are currently in Loitokitok doing training and will be here for another 8 weeks. Over this time I have learned to bath in a bucket bath, live without electricity, walk about 4 miles a day, live with a host family, and wear skirts everyday. We have language everyday which is coming along but still quite frustrating. I will be working here in Loitokitok with a maternal and child health clinic helping out not sure with what yet but I will keep you updated. I am pretty excited about this. We found out our sites yesterday and I will be going to Chwele. It is in the Western Region near the Uganda border and the city of Bungoma! I really wanted the coast however I am pretty much as far away as possible :( There is a mountain there and the scenery is suppose to be really beautiful. I also have some other volunteers close by.  So I should be good. I will go there if I get through training in August and will be there for the remainder of the time. I have been having a good time but I do miss America a lot, especially the hope all of you are doing good and you guys can email me or call me whenever since it doesn't cost me anything for your calls, but they might be expensive for you. Well until next time.

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